Having trouble with QIP goals being incompatible or goal not found when creating a Spending Request in ecConnect? This article will guide you through the steps on how to complete this spending request by adding QIP goals and item requests that are compatible.

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Step 1) Check the QIP Status

Review your QIP goals in ecConnect and make sure that you have “In Progress” or “Ongoing” goals

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Goals that have a status of “Complete” shouldn't be used to justify additional expenses, so that QIP Goal is not available on the spending page.

If you try and select a QIP goal that has already been completed you will receive this error message "No Workforce & Professional Development goals were found for.."

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If new goals need to be added then you will have to go to your Colorado Shines application and add new goals, which will sync in ecConnect after a few days. Click here for more information on adding goals.


Step 2) Make sure that QIP Goals are compatible with your “Request Item” (blue button)

Once you have selected your "QIP goal Category" and the "Payable to Type" you will need to select a blue button to request Items that are compatible with your QIP Goal.


As an example, if you QIP goal category is “Learning Environment”. Then your request item should be “Learning Materials”

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Step 3) How to Change incompatible “QIP Goal Category” and “Request Items”

If you have selected a "QIP Goal Category" and then requested an item or items that are incompatible you will receive an error message.

For example:  A “Learning Environment” QIP Goal Category and “Professional Development” are incompatible

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If your goal is “Workforce and Professional Development” your request item needs to be compatible with that goal. This would mean selecting the request item “Professional Development” to be compatible with your QIP Goal Category.