Starting November 1st, 2022, Councils will be responsible for reviewing all Coaching records and confirming they are accurate before they can be included in their reconciliation process and invoiced to the State.  Below are the steps your Council will need to follow.  


1.) Coach reconciles their log in ecConnect -   The process for Coaches remains unchanged (you can find directions for how to log Coaching hours in ecConnect HERE).   However, once the Coach marks a log as “Completed and Reconciled” (or “Canceled - Billable) in eConnect the Coaching log will now show up in Sugar with the billing status "Needs Review''.  


2.) Sugar User reviews the Coaching Record - A member of the Council with access to Sugar (this could be the Grant Lead, QI Navigator or Financial Contact) reviews the Coaching record in Sugar to confirm accuracy.  Sugar users can use the #! Coaching needing review Report to find all Coaching logs they want to include in their reconciliation report to the CDEC.  The Sugar user will need to open and review each Coaching log in this report and confirm accuracy of each of the following fields

  • Requisitions
  • Start/End Dates
  • Prep/Follow up time 
  • Total Billable Hours
  • Description 

* You will be required to have a QIP goal listed. If one is not provided the coach will need to go to their coaching log in ecConnect and add one. If your coaching applies to a specific QIP Category and you don't have any QIP Goals in that category, you will have to create a new one through the Colorado Shines Portal.  *

3.) Sugar User marks the Coaching record as accurate and ready to be billed - After reviewing each coaching log and confirming its accuracy the Sugar User will select “Confirm this record is accurate and ready for Billing to CDEC'' from the NEW Actions Field on the Coaching log. This will update the billing status from "Needs Review'' to "Ready to be billed", ensuring that it is included in your next reconciliation report.

** It will also record the name of the User who selected the action in the NEW "Reviewed and Approved by" field, which will appear after you've selected that action.** 

Please note:  The expectation from the CDEC is that the Coach logs the initial step of scheduling a visit with a Program in ecConnect several days prior to their visit and that the Log is completed no more than a week after the visit takes place.  The following anomalies will be flagged by Quarterly Sugar System Checks performed by the QRIS Coordinators at the CDEC. Councils may be asked to provide additional documentation in order for the QRIS Coordinator to understand any discrepancies:

  • Any Coaching logs over 5 hours
  • Any Coaching logs between 5pm and 8am
  • Coaching logs scheduled during a time that overlaps with a different Coaching log attributed to the same Coach.
  • Coaching hours logged 7 days after it has happened

Please reach out to your QRIS Coordinator with any questions you may have.  You can also reach out to the ecConnect help desk - - for any technical assistance you may need with this update!