The most common reason a Coach wouldn't be able to see info for a site that they are coaching is that their role is not set up properly in Sugar. 

Have someone at your Council with a Sugar log-in review the following:

  1. Does the coach's contact record have a coach role associated with it for that site? 

                    a. The Contact listed in the “Lead Coach” field on the Account record can record coaching in ecConnect and will be the recipient of any Spending workflow emails designated for the Lead Coach.

                    b. Additional Contacts can record coaching for a site if the Council creates a new role in Sugar. If the “Role” is “Lead Coach,” “Secondary Coach,” “Business Leadership Specialist,” “Financial Leadership Specialist,” or “QI Navigator”, the Contact in that Role will have permission to record coaching in ecConnect. However, contacts in these roles won’t receive Spending workflow emails designated for the assigned Account Lead Coach. See How to Add Additional Coach Roles for more details on how to do this.


        2. Are the start and end dates on the role correct? 

                    a. ecConnect looks at each Role record to determine what information should be shown to a logged in user. It checks lots of different information to make ecConnect work, but one thing to note is that a Role record is only relevant if today's date is between the Start Date and the End Date. 


        3. Is the coaching requisition active?

                    a. As soon as a coach's contact record is associated with a role with coaching privileges, the corresponding site will be visible in the Coaching Dashboard when you select “A Specific Site” in the “Show Me” dropdown. You can view their portal, but you won’t be able to record coaching for this site until they have an active, Approved Coaching Requisition where that coach is listed.


        4. Is the requisition the correct type (internal vs. external coaching vs. QI dollars)?

                    a. If not, you will need to have a grant lead convert the proper amount to the correct type of requisition. See Transfers and Conversions-the Basics for detailed steps! 


Behind the scenes- Once a new Account arrives in Sugar, Sugar Users from the Account’s Council will be able to manage which Contacts fill which roles. The Council can choose to keep the automatic assignments or replace or supplement those roles.