All Programs that have successfully Submitted and have a Reconciled Capital Improvement Spending request (CSQI/TSQI) in the year prior to submitting this application can no longer submit a new Capital Improvement Spending request.


Once a TSQI Capital Improvement Request has been submitted through ecConnect, you as Council Staff will receive a Spending Request associated with the $0 Requisition that was created.  This Spending Request will be in a "Pending Preapproval" status in ecConnect.  It is your job to review this request for accurate documentation and then to pre-approve and send to the OEC.  

The process of approving a Capital Improvement request is almost exactly the same as approving any other kind of spending record. The only differences are that there are more documents to review and at least once during the process your Program Officer will need to approve the request.  If you’re unsure if you need to be waiting for the Program Officer’s approval, just check the "Message from Sugar" field, which will tell you if your Program Officer’s approval has been requested. 

If the "Message from Sugar" field doesn’t say anything about the Program Officer, then you should continue to go through the normal spending approval process!

Below are the steps to accomplish this!

*Bonus Tip: If you are having trouble seeing the screenshots in any of these articles click directly on the image to enlarge the picture for more clarity!   

1) As the Navigator or other Council Staff, you will log in to Sugar, navigate to the Capital Improvement Spending record, which will be named: "Funding Stream- Council Abbreviation-Site Abbreviation- Spending"  

 Example:  CSQI20-DTESTECC-BILL-4007 - Spending

 **Bonus Tip-Make sure you are looking at the Spending record, not the Requisition record. This is important, since you won't be able to do the next steps unless you are on the Spending record. An easy way to check is if you see the little "Sp" box in the corner of the record, you are in the correct place. 

2) Review the documentation that Program has provided for accuracy.  EcConnect only checks to see if the provider uploaded a file, not if the content of that file is what it’s supposed to be.   You can find the documents the Provider has attached to the Request under the Notes section of the Request.  Documents should include:

  • 3 detailed bids from the Vendor or Vendors you wish to use (with EandE Funding you only need 2 bids)
  • A Before Picture
  • A brief summary of the Project and how it relates to increasing or affecting existing Infant and Toddler Care
  • Insurance Bonding information of Selected Bid (NEW).  

If the Program has already Completed the work and paid for it from their own budget would like to be reimbursed for a Capital Improvement Project (payable to type="Child Care Site (Reimbursement)") the site would then need to provide the additional required documentation:

  • An Invoice to show the work was completed and paid
  • An “After Photo” of the work.  

If there’s an issue with a document, you can delete the problematic note record and use the "Reopen Draft in ecConnect" action to upload the correct file and resubmit the request. You can also click the + button in the Notes section in Sugar and attach the correct documentation.

3) On the "Spending Summary" tab, use the Actions field to select "Submit to Program Manager/Grant Lead for Preapproval".  This will send an email to the specified individual at your Council, letting them know they should review the spending request. 

4)   Once you submit to Program Manager/Grant Lead for Preapproval you will see the following status change and Message from sugar:

ATTENTION: If your role is specifically "Navigator" in this process, you are DONE!  

IF you are ALSO the Grant Lead, keep reading as you have one more step!

LAST STEP: As the Grant Lead, make sure you are on the correct Spending Record.  Review all of the fields and attached documents to make sure everything is completed and in order.  Once everything looks good, you can use the Actions field to select "Preapprove and Notify Navigator to Place Order".  

Special Process: For Capital Improvement Requests, this actually WILL NOT notify the Navigator.  Instead, it will send an email to your OEC Program Officer to let them know the request is ready for them to review and approve.

**Behind the Scenes: When a spending record is updated to this status, sugar automatically sends an email to your Program Officer requesting that they approve the request and as soon as the Program Officer approves the request you will receive an email from sugar, telling you that you can proceed. Only the Program Officer can approve a request in this status so if the record hasn’t changed in several days, you should contact your Program Officer.  After the Program Officer approves the order the first time, the Council will be able to process the request just like any other spending record.  

***Special Process: Change to price after Program Officer approval

 If the amount of the request changes after the Program Officer at OEC approves the order, Sugar will prevent the Council from continuing the approval process and will send an email to the Program Officer, cc'ing the QI Navigator/Council Staff, requesting that the Program Officer approve the change.  

The Program Officer at OEC then needs to open the Spending record, review the change and if appropriate, update the "Approved by Program Officer" field to "Yes".  Doing so will result in another email to the QI Navigator/Council Staff, cc'ing the Program Officer, saying that the change has been approved and the QI Navigator/Council Staff can proceed. 

The QI Navigator/Council Staff can return to the record, select the appropriate action and this time it will run successfully and update the related requisition's balance to account for the change in cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the requisition have a balance of $0? – All TSQI Capital Improvement Requisitions start out with a balance of $0. That amount will be updated to equal the cost of the Capital Improvement request(s) as soon as the Program Officer approves the request
  • Why does my Program Officer need to approve the request when she already approved it once? – If the amount has changed since the initial approval, the Program Officer will need to re-approve it.
  • What type of documents should the provider have uploaded? – EcConnect automatically determines what documents are required. All you need to worry about is if the content of the uploaded file matches the “Note Type.”
  • Why isn’t this action working? – If the status is "Pending Preapproval - Special Request" or if the "Approved by Program Officer" field is set to “No” then the Program Officer needs to approve the request. Most actions will be disabled until the Program Officer approves the request.