Here are some common issues related to sending MOU’s in Sugar and ways to troubleshoot! 

Remember to always check the Message From Sugar field on the Application record, as this will indicate where the problem may be!

If you want to start with the basics of why and how to send MOU's, check out the Applications and Sending MOU's article.

* Why does it say my MOU failed to send? 

- If the Message from Sugar says "Insufficient funds in the Parent Funding Stream"- Please submit a Helpdesk Ticket

- If the Message from Sugar says "No Primary contact on the Provider's account record"- Please check with the Provider and make sure you select the appropriate Primary Contact on their Account record.  See more about updating contacts in the article Change In Primary/Director Contact at a Site.

* You sent an MOU and you see the following "Message from Sugar": 

- If you sent an MOU and the Message from Sugar now says "Success the MOU was Cancelled.  Be sure to either send a New MOU or reject this application"-  Sugar has cancelled the MOU because the email address it attempted to deliver the MOU to was invalid.  It will also populate the "Undeliverable Email Address" Field (A NEW field) on the Application Record with the Contacts Invalid email address:  

If you attempt to send another MOU now without correcting/updating the invalid email address you will get the following "Message from Sugar

  • "Whoops an email address had been rejected by AdobeSign.  Please contact the Site to find a valid email address and update or create a new Primary Contact with that email Address"  

Please must make sure the "Primary Contact Email" on the Account Record is updated to a valid email address and then resend the MOU.  You can click HERE for how to change a Primary Contact for a Program.  

* Should Councils send an MOU if the Application doesn't have any Requisitions?

- NO!  If you see this Submit a Helpdesk Ticket


* Why should I send an MOU if the site has already submitted the Application?

After a Provider has completed their Quality Improvement Application (Colorado Shines QRIS Applications are filled out by the Provider in their Colorado Shines portal), then the Council can review the Application and send the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), which is basically a contract signed by the Provider and the EC Council that means the Provider agrees to the terms of participating in QRIS funding. After an MOU is signed by both parties, the Requisitions for that program automatically become active, and they can start utilizing their resources.  


* The MOU was sent to the wrong email address!

- If the email address to which the MOU was sent can be accessed, the person with access to that email can delegate the MOU to the correct person by opening the email from Echosign and selecting the link where it says "If you need to delegate this document to an authorized party for signature, please do not forward this email. Instead, click here to delegate." This will lead to a new page where they'll be able to enter the email address of the person who should receive the MOU.

-If the signee isn't able to access the email to which the MOU was originally sent or the wrong Contact was in the Primary Contact Field when the MOU was sent then you can follow these Steps to update and resend the MOU:

1) Go to the Application, cancel the MOU and save!

2) Make sure that the address in the "Primary Contact Email" field on the Account record (Provider or Council, depending on which is the issue) is correct 

* Bonus Tip: If you need to update this Contact you will need to edit the Primary Contact's Contact record to the correct email.  You can also change who is listed as the primary contact on the account record if that is preventing the MOU from going to the correct Contact.  (You can click HERE for how to help a Program if there is a change in the Primary/Director Contact at a Site).

3) Resend the MOU and save!

* I tried to send the MOU and I received the following error message: "Echosign replied BAD_REQUEST."   

- If you get an unusual error, the first thing you should do is try again! 


* What should I do if the provider says they didn't receive the MOU?

- Check that it wasn't sent to the wrong email address (see above).

- Select the Action "Send MOU Reminder", and make sure the Provider is checking for an ECHOSIGN email- This should bring up the MOU.  


* I sent the MOU and the Provider never signed it!

- For all application types, you can always go into the Application and check the Status

•    "MOU out for signing" status - Look at the Message from Sugar field which will say "Waiting on [email address] since [date]." Then the Question becomes is the email correct?  If it is, then select the Action "Send MOU Reminder".  If the Contact is NOT correct, see the answer on if *the MOU was sent to the wrong email address (above).

•    "Accepted" status - Everything is good, and the Provider can access Requisitions in ecConnect. 

•    "Submitted" status- you need to send out the MOU. See   Applications and Sending MOU's for steps on how to accomplish this. 

•    "In Process" status- means the Provider needs to complete their funding application in Colorado Shines before you can do anything else.

* I was just notified the MOU was aborted! 

- If the provider refuses to sign MOU, this triggers the MOU to be aborted.  Reach out to the site and see what the issue might be before you send another MOU.  

* What if the Provider can not sign the MOU Digitally? 

Check out the Process for a Manual MOU Upload article for the steps to manually upload an MOU.