If a Provider has submitted a request with an item that is discontinued, a consumable, or no longer needed for whatever reason, you will want to edit the corresponding Spending Detail to make sure Sugar matches the PO and/or invoice accurately.  As a general rule of thumb, we do not delete or unlink records in Sugar.  Instead, you will want to do one of two things: send the Spending Requests back to ecConnect as a "draft" to have the Provider manually remove any unwanted Items or Update the quantity for that item to 0.  

Below are the steps a Navigator can follow to accomplish this in Sugar! 

What this process accomplishes:

  • If you have not sent the PO to the Vendor yet, the item you updated will be excluded when the initial PO is sent
  • The Total Request Amount field on the Spending record will be decreased by the previous amount of that Spending Detail
  • The Requisition's "Remaining Balance" will be increased by that same amount

What it does NOT accomplish:

  • If the PO was already sent to the Vendor, this will not automatically notify them that you no longer want the item
  • If the item was already delivered to the provider, this will not automatically notify them to return that item
  • If the spending request was already submitted to the funder through a reconciliation report, this will not automatically notify them of the change

If one of the above situations applies to you, you must manually reach out to the relevant parties to notify them of this change in addition to updating the Sugar record!!

**Bonus Tip: If you are having trouble seeing the screen shots in any of these articles click directly on the image to enlarge the picture for more clarity!**

Step 1. Open the Spending record that needs to be updated (for tips on filtering to easily find your Spending records click HERE!).  Click on the Spending record you wish to edit.

Step 2. In the Approval Notes field put "Removed- item # name (reason removed)" for each item you wish to "remove" from the order:

Example: "Removed- Item 12345 Becker's Unscented Dough Classroom Set (consumable)".  Make sure to click SAVE! 

  • If your Spending Record is in a "Reconciled" Status you will need to select "Please Open for Editing" from the "What Would you like to do? Select from Available Actions" drop down:

Step 3. Scroll down to the Spending Details for that Spending record and click on the detail/details you wish to edit.  

Step 4. Scroll down to the "Item Quantity or Hours" field and update to "0", then SAVE!  Do this for ALL Spending Details you wish to edit.  

If you need to just correct the amount enter in the corresponding Invoice amount for that item. Remember to save


Remember, this will remove the item(s) from the initial PO sent to the vendor, but if you are doing this step after the initial PO has been sent, you still need to notify the vendor!! See top of this article for other situations where additional action is needed when removing Spending Details.