If you need to submit multiple EandE Capital Improvement spending requests for one contractor, you will simply create and submit separate requests in ecConnect.  For example, if there is an initial payment due then a final payment when work is complete you will create two Spending requests; One for the initial deposit amount and one for after the work is completed.  You can submit both requests through ecConnect one after the other but do not reconcile the final payment until you are ready to pay, and the work has been completed.  This will mean you are submitting the first request, reconciling, billing to the CDEC, then when the work is completed processing the second Spending request in Sugar for the final payment to the contractor.   

You will also need to make sure that both of the spending request are linked to the same project. Here is an article for step-by-step instructions of how to create and link projects in sugar.

We suggest that you require the contractor to provide the full bid as well as an invoice reflecting the initial or upfront amount.  It is best practice to ensure all the same documentation is in both requests.  For a list of what documentation is required to create then process a Capital Improvement request please check out the 1st and 2nd steps for creating a Capital Improvement request: 

EandE Capital Improvement-in ecConnect (first step)

EandE Capital Improvement-For Councils (second step)


This means you will submit one request, then submit another but only reconcile and pay the second one when the work has been completed.   In this second request you can also put the first request’s PO# in the Navigator notes section so they are easy to connect if needed.  (E.g., "this is the final payment due for request: MP16-4001.")


If you have any questions, please connect with the ecConnect Support Helpdesk! support@ecconnectcolorado.org