Below are the steps to fill out your CDEC Invoice Template.  You can follow these steps or you can view this short Video for a more detailed look at the steps involved! 

Please make sure you have the most up-to-date Invoice Template.  For a copy of this Invoice Template please contact your Program Officer!

You can see the full guide to the reconciliation process in the article Step by Step Monthly Reconciliation Process!  If you have followed the Step by Step Guide and are experiencing any issues try checking out the Reconciliation FAQ'S! first before you submit a Helpdesk Ticket! 

**Disclaimer: all records in this video and document below are from the development instance of Sugar, and do not represent actual Councils’ data.**

STEP 1) Navigate to your TSQI23 Funding Stream Record (which you can easily access from the Funding Stream Module or by clicking on the Funding Stream link in your Monthly Reconciliation Reminder Email), click on the Budget Summary tab, scroll down to the Actions field in the Reconciliation Reports Subpanel and select “Generate Summary Report and mark records as billed”.  

  • Once you select “Generate Summary Reports and mark records as billed” another field will become visible which asks you to confirm that you have reviewed and confirmed that the Records in the Spending and Coaching Reports are accurate and are ready to generate your Reconciliation Summary. 

(Please Note: this step may take a moment, so please do not navigate away, or refresh the page until it successfully saves!)

Selecting the “Generate Reconciliation Report and mark records as billed” action will do two things: 

  • It will produce a Summary Report Link in the Reconciliation Report field that looks similar to the CDEC Invoice Template. This report will now also have your indirect rate calculated in it automatically, so you will not need to adjust the Indirect rate on your CDEC Invoice Template!  Click on the Reconciliation Report link to open it.  
  • It will ALSO produce two detail report links: one for Coaching in the Coaching Reconciliation Report Field and one for Spending in the Spending Reconciliation Report Field.  These Reports show exactly which records are contained in the Summary Report!  Click on the "Coaching Reconciliation Report link" and the "Spending Reconciliation Report link" to open them. And make sure you save them! 

*Behind the Scenes: When you select " Generate Summary Report and mark records as billed" and save Sugar also automatically updates the "Billing Status" field on all Spending and Coaching records contained in this Summary Report to “Billed to Funder”, so there is no danger of forgetting to bill something or accidently double-billing an expense (please note this is a “view only” field for everyone except CDEC program officers).* 

***Special Process:  Please note that if clicking on the links in the "Reconciliation Report", "Coaching Reconciliation Report" or "Spending Reconciliation Report" fields do not work you can always scroll down to the "Reconciliation Reports" Subpanel and download the Reports from there!

Please Note: Once a Record is marked “Billed to Funder” (which happens when you Generate your Reconciliation Summary Report on your Funding Stream) it will no longer be editable by any Council Staff.  If changes need to be made to a Spending or Coaching Record after you select "Generate Reconciliation Report and mark records as billed" on your Funding Stream the Council will have to contact their Program Officer at the Office of Early Childhood who can then unlock those records for editing. You can find the steps in Directions for unlocking a "Billed to Funder" record so Council can edit! 

Step 2) Copy/Paste!

  • Copy the Reconciliation Summary Report:

and paste it into your CDEC Invoice template where it says "Paste Sugar Report Here!": 

  • Be sure to select "Special Paste" and then "Values" to keep the formatting consistent!  
  • The columns in the Summary Report Sugar generates match the columns in the Invoice Template report.  Column C shows the approved budget, column E shows the preschool expenditures, and column G shows the infant toddler expenditures. Remember, this report will now also have your indirect rate calculated in it automatically, so you will not need to adjust the Indirect rate on your CDEC Invoice Template!  
  • The CDEC Invoice Template now has tabs for the Spending and Coaching detailed reports to be copied into, so everything can be in one place! Be sure to copy the two detailed excel reports (from step 4!) into the Spending and Coaching Tabs in your CDEC Invoice Template before you send off!