This article will walk you through the steps for submitting a TSQI Capital Improvement Funding request through ecConnect!  Early Childhood Councils are expected to collaborate with Programs and support them in this process. 

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*Please Note: The eligibility criteria below pertain only to TSQI Funding and the Capital Improvement funding is now available to programs yearly


Requirements for TSQI Capital Improvement Funding are as follows:

  • Provider has an active TSQI MOU with Council 
  • Programs must have classrooms that are licensed for infants/toddlers (age 29 months or younger) and the Capital Improvement Project must benefit or expand the capacity for Infant and Toddler Care within those classrooms
  • Program is a Level 2 or higher 
  • Has an active CCAP fiscal


The Maximum QI request amount is $7,500. Possible Capital Improvement Project Include but are not limited to :

  • Gates and fencing
  •  Impact absorbing playground materials
  •  Access and egress improvements
  •  Safety-approved playground equipment and structures - must be permanent 
  •  Minor modifications to infant/toddler classroom layout, and Physical safety improvements
  •  Opening a new infant or toddler classroom
  •  Roofing/flooring 


Application period is July 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024.  Projects and spending must be completed by June 30, 2024!!

***Special Process: Multiple Vendors

Programs should make sure their Council Staff are aware if they are planning to submit multiple requests for one project. The total for the project still cannot exceed $7,500.00 total, across any vendors they use!  This mean if you use three Vendors for your Project the total combined cost of all three ecConnect QI requests can NOT exceed $7,500.00.  You must submit a separate Capital Improvement spending request for each vendor. Plan ahead-you will need to upload all of the required documentation and answer all of the CI request questions on each spending request you submit.

Documentation you will need scanned to your computer before you begin:

  • 3 detailed bids from the Vendor or Vendors you wish to use
  • A Before Photo
  • A brief summary of the Project and how it relates to increasing or affecting existing Infant and Toddler Care
  • Because numerous types of jobs in Colorado do not require a licensed contractor (small things like landscaping, replacing flooring, etc), as long as the contractor has a business license in good standing and the ECC ensures all requirements of the municipality are met (city/county, HOA, etc) that would be all they would need to enter into an agreement to have the work completed.  However, if the project will require permitting, we will require a valid Contractor License and insurance (liability included) related to the work being performed.  NO exceptions.  

    *NOT REQUIRED BUT HIGHLY ENCOURAGED: Bonding information for Selected Bid. (More information on what this is and how to get * 

If the Program wants to have the approved project completed, pay for it out of their own personal/operating budget (not State funded QI Dollars), and request reimbursement upon completion of the Capital Improvement Project (payable to type ="Child Care Site (Reimbursement)") the site would also be required to provide these additional documents (in addition to the documents required for approval): 

  • An Invoice to show the work was completed and paid. A RECEIPT AND PROOF OF PAYMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED (ex. a credit card statement showing the charge or a copy of the canceled check- See checklist HERE for more details on what this could look like) 

  •  An “After Photo” of the work 

Once you have the documentation you are ready to log into ecConnect and follow these easy steps to complete a Capital Improvement Request!

Step 1) Click on the Quality Improvement Tab and select "Submit QI Request Form"

Step 2) Click on the Site you wish to create a QI Request for.

Step 3) Select the "CSQI21 QI Dollars - Capital Improvement - $0.00" as the QI Funds and click NEXT

- For TSQI ONLYDon't worry if it says $0-you can still complete this request in ecConnect! Any Capital Improvement spending will not affect your overall CSQI Dollar amount. And all TSQI Capital Improvement Requisitions start out at a $0 Dollar amount until the request is submitted. 

Step 4) Click on the green "Open new Capital Improvement Request" Button.

Step 5) Fill out the QIP Goal Category (makes sure you have an applicable QIP in your Colorado Shines Application to select from) and Select the Payable to type.  

  • If you've already fully paid for these items and have an invoice showing proof of payment, select "Child Care Site (Reimbursement)", otherwise, select "Direct to Approved Vendor"

 *** Special Process: You will notice there is no way to pay the child care site directly other than selecting “Child Care Reimbursement” at this step. This is because it is against state policy to cut a blank check to child care providers-all capital improvement funding must either go directly to the vendor completing the work, or can only be given to child care providers if they have covered the cost up front and need to be reimbursed (in which case they need to have sufficient documentation that they already covered this payment).  If you are requesting a reimbursement for work already paid for, you also need to upload an Invoice to show the work was completed and paid and an “After Photo” of the work.   

  • You can also select "Request to Use Other Vendor"

  • If you select "Request to Use Other Vendor" make sure to include the contact information of the Vendor the Program wants to use in the Special Instructions box

  • If you have selected "Request to Use Other Vendorclick on the Blue Capital Improvement Button and make sure you fill out the Capital Improvement Request Items 

  • If you have selected "Direct to Approved Vendor" you would continue with the request as you normally would (either manually filling out Items for an Approved vendor or shopping through the Punch out System provided by Lakeshore, Kaplan, School Specialty and Discount School Supplies) 

Step 6) Fill out the Capital Improvement Questions  

These questions only show up Capital Improvement requests and they need to be answered for each Capital Improvement request.  

For punchout Vendors, the Capital Improvement questions are hidden until you have returned from the Vendor's site

To make sure you select the correct option in the first drop down question (“Please select if this QI request is for an …”), here is a quick guide to the options:

  • Final Payment in Full (work must be completed)-select if the capital improvement work is already completed, but the vendor has not been paid at all yet.  You will need to attach an invoice and an 'After photo' to your request as well.
  • Initial Deposit (Required by Vendor)select if the capital improvement work is NOT already completed, and you are requesting funds to be able to afford this Project.  In some cases, you will need to pay the vendor up front and in some cases the Vendor may only ask for funds once the Project is complete.  This option is for most Programs who simply want the Capital Improvement Funds to be able to start or cover a project NOT yet started.
  • Partial Payment (provider is paying a portion; work must be completed)-select if the capital improvement work is already completed, the vendor has not been paid yet, and the child care site is paying part of the cost directly to the vendor from their private budget (usually if the request is over $7500).  You will need to attach an invoice and an 'After photo' to your request as well. 
  • Remaining Balance (Work Must be Completed)-select this if the capital improvement work is already completed, but there is still an outstanding balance due to the vendor that hasn’t already been paid.  You will need to attach an invoice and an 'After photo' to your request as well. 

Step 7)  Attach the required documentation for your Capital Improvement Request.  This is where you upload your 3 detailed bids. Before Picture, a brief summary of the Project and how it relates to increasing or affecting existing Infant and Toddler Care, and Insurance Bonding information of Selected Bid (NEW).  For more information on what this is and how to get it click HERE!  

Step 8) In the Provider Narrative box please explain why you are requesting this Capital Improvement Project, type your name to sign, then click on the Green Submit button.

 Congratulations, you are done with your QI request in ecConnect!!  Your Early childhood Council will reach out with next steps once this request is approved! 

The next steps will be completed entirely by your Early Childhood Council in Sugar CRM.  If you are a Navigator/Grant Lead please carefully follow the steps in this document - Capital Improvement-For Councils (second step).